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Name of event: TeamFOX - Shoot for a Cure

Event date: 9/8/2013

5/17/2013 - a change of circumstances in our lives and lack of volunteers have made a change of circumstances in our event.  The event will still be held thanks to Ryan Giavinini at Highland Hideaway.  It will now be an open shoot, without the silent auction. Food will be available for purchase, and with the shooting fee for the day, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our fund through Highland Hideaway. Thanks Ryan for helping out TeamFox, and we hope we get a good turnout for the event! For more information, contact Ryan at Highland Hideaway, Riverside Ia. www.highlandhunting.com


2/8/2013 - We were just confirmed a date for our shoot for a cure event at Highland Hideaway in Riverside Iowa. We have September 8th as our scheduled event. If you would like information on the hunting preserve or a map to the event, check out their website, http://www.highlandhunting.com/. We will have a sporting clay shoot, a silent auction and lunch. We are looking for as many donations as possible of course, but also need volunteers to man the clay throwers & help wherever we need you! Sponsors are starting to line up, if you know of a good sponsor or someone who may like to help, please let us know. Come out for a great Sunday shoot, meet some new friends, and raise some money for a good cause!








Name of Event: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Date of Event: 8/12/2012

8/15/2012 - well...race didn't turn out quite as we planned. Jeff got through tech inspection fine, attended rookie school & rider's meeting, then practice on Wed, Thurs & Friday. friday was qualifying day, and even though there were only 14 riders in his class...we just weren't quite fast enough! We did meet alot of really nice people, made some contacts & some new friends, and will hopefully add to our fundraising total. We would like to thank Matt Payne & Jeff Jack for making the trip with us, and dealing with the 3am practices on the mountain! All our sponsors made the trip possible, we couldn't have done it without you! We missed the crew who couldn't make the trip, we were thinking of you! Keep us in mind...the fundraiser goes til the end of the year, and we will keep asking for donations...be prepared! Anything we raise brings us that much closer to a cure!!!!


7/16/2012- race has been rescheduled!!!! We are now leaving on August 5th, and will be climbing the mountain on Aug. 12th. Some of our crew rearranged time so they will be able to go...so sorry to say alot won't be able to join us. Most of the activity will surround the Pikes Peak International Raceway, with practice on the mountain Wed, Thurs & Friday, so far we are still qualifying on Friday, though a few racers have dropped out due to the date switch. They are trying to get down to 100 bikes, as of today they are down to 105. Still keep us in mind for donations...we have a long way to go to reach our goal!  Thanks for all the support!

 6/27/2012 - UPDATE: Pike's Peak International Hill Climb has been postponed, hopefully to be rescheduled at a later date this summer. The fires are just too much for the city of Colorado Springs. Our prayers are with the residents of Colorado and all the firefighters who are there to help. More later.

6/27/2012 Our thoughts & prayers go out to the people of Colorado Springs.  Our race plans are on hold until we hear for sure that the fire is contained and the race will go on.  One of the places we had looked forward to visiting while there, the Flying W Ranch, has burnt to the ground, and the town of Manitou Springs was evacuated for a while.  The Air Force Academy has also been evacuated.  As of today (8:42 CST) the fire was only 5% contained. Lets cross our fingers they get some rain to help these exhausted firefighters.  Keep checking back for further race updates.

6/20/2012 - less than 2 weeks to go! A few more bikes have dropped out, leaving us a few less to beat in qualifying! Planning to leave at midnite July 1, and have a full schedule the whole week. Thanks to everyone who came out to our poker run...turnout was a little disappointing, there were 3 other poker runs & the Komen race for the cure that day, but we appreciate those who showed up. Bike is running...gear almost packed. Cameras loaded, and group photo planned Saturday night before the race. New meds have made a great difference in Jeff's tremors & energy...hope they keep working! Thumbs up from Dr. Stern ( & thank you!). Keep checking back, and watch the links for our youtube updates. Go Pike's Peak TeamFox!!!

6/1/2012- getting ready for the poker run a week from Saturday (June 9th) at Ducky's...gathering prizes and counting how many Tshirts are left! KWQC will be here June 12th to do a story, and the QC times was nice enough to run an article last week. Time is counting down..a little more than 4 weeks away! Keep sinding those donations!

5/18/2012 - donations continue to trickle in...every little bit helps!  Thanks again to all of you who have donated. Keep checking in for updates & hope to see a good crowd at the poker run June 9th at Ducky's Lagoon!

 5/3/2012- all forms are in...Jeff qualifies on Friday July 6th. We will have a video diary on YouTube once we get there...if you would like to be added to our viewers list, please let us know, & we will hopefully be posting photos all week long. Some reservations have been made, and trip itineraries being compiled. We are now only 2 months away!!! Watch the papers...we're still trying to get our story out there!

4/16/2012- the date for the Poker Run has been set! June 9th, with a rain date of June 10th. Ducky's Lagoon in Andalusia, IL....sign in starts at 11:00...run starts at 1:00.  Prizes, great food & fun times! Questions, contact Matt Payne at Payne's Cycle Center, Rock Island 309-786-3605 or pcctrials@sbcglobal.net.

4/3/2012 - wristbands should be here on Friday April 6th, you can purchase them for $2 each...we are getting ever closer! Thanks to our recent contributors...every little bit helps!!!!

check out the news article that ran in the Burlington Hawkeye newspaper about Jeff's journey to Pike's Peak http://www.thehawkeye.com/story/Pikes-Peak-032412

3/23/2012- Tshirts are here!!!  $20 each...and we will have them at the Burlington car show or email me at angie@metallic-marsh.com to place your order!

3/16/2012- 1st show of the year- Muscatine Mall car show, Sat. Mar 17th. We will have the bike, a display w/donation forms & a video about Pike's Peak. Tshirts will be available after Tuesday March 20th, $20 each and a variety of sizes. Burlington Westland Mall car show for 34 Raceway, Sat. Mar. 24th, we WILL have Tshirts there! Watch the Burlington Hawkeye newspaper, we will be interviewd for an article on Tuesday the 20th. Jeff has started Tai Chi, according to some online research & Muscatine Physical Therapy, Tai Chi is suppose to be very beneficial to Parkinson's patients. Haven't been doing it long, so we'll see if if helps, but it DOES calm your stress. Scott Payne w/Payne's Cycle Center has begun working on the spring Poker Run...more info to follow. Time is counting down...thanks to all who have donated so far!

2/9/2012- T shirts are in progress, leathers have been designed & ordered. Payne's is coming along nicely on the bike, total rebuild..like brand new! Hotel reservations are made & official forms are completed. Going to see the doctor on Tuesday to have medical forms completed, Car shows will be coming up this spring, watch for us out there at the malls! We'll have some cool videos of last year's race, shirts & donation forms available. We're getting closer!

Big shout out to our sponsors so far..Paynes Cycle Center, Weikert Recycling, Midwest Rod, Jeff Jack, Brockert Tool, Superior Arms, Rock Crazy, Hap's Leathers, Zeman flooring, S&J Tube, Fred Weyrick, Metallic Marsh Art & Bell helmets. I am racing in memory of Kermit Peterson & Davey Camlin.

1/25/2012 - I'm in! We just got the official word that I have been INVITED to the Race to the Clouds...my name is on the entry list for the 250cc class! Now starts the fun stuff! Forms to submit, leathers to buy, reservations to be made. Checkup with my neurologist was great on Wednesday, symptoms have not progressed since the last visit in October, and Dr. Stern thinks this race is great idea. I now have a personal trainer to help build my endurance, & hope the weather warms up so I can start riding again everyday. Payne's Cycle Center is rebuilding the Honda 250cc Cheney framed bike I will be riding, and we will soon have Tshirts to sell. Fundraising is going to start full force...I will need all the support I can get and want to thank everyone who has helped so far...and those who will be helping in the future. Hopefully we can reach our goal by the time the race starts. Wish me luck!!!!

1/5/2012 - We have submitted our application for the Hill Climb! By January 31st, I should know if I have been accepted. If you don't know, this will be the 90th year for the Pikes Peak hill climb, the 2nd oldest race in America. If accepted, I will be competing on a Honda XL250 in the 250cc class. My neurologist is behind me, and I am hoping my name will be on that acceptance list since this will be the only year I will be able to compete due to my Parkinson's! I have committed to raise $10,000 for the MJF Foundation, hoping all my friends & relatives come out to support us by making a donation or purchasing one of my Tshirts, which we should have soon. We raised $640 last year, and have geared up to hit it hard this year (thanks to everyone who contributed, we started over Jan. 1, 2012!)

I was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's Disease in March of 2009. The Fox Foundation has made wonderful strides in helping all of us, but they can't do it without your help. I hope to bring awareness to the disease & foundation by competing in this well-known race. We appreciate all the support from Team Fox, and hope to be able to reach our goal!

Five million people worldwide are living with Parkinson's disease, a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder. In the United States, 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. There is no known cure for Parkinson's disease.

About Team Fox:

Team Fox is The Michael J. Fox Foundation's (MJFF) grassroots community fundraising program. It is made up of thousands of people worldwide who raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease research.All funds raised through Team Fox go directly to MJFF to further its mission to accelerate the delivery of life-changing treatments, and ultimately a cure, to people with Parkinson's disease.

Help us speed a cure for Parkinson's!