Ride Across America From Astoria Ore to Portsmouth NH June16-August 5

I am dedicating this bicycle ride to my friend Nick Rapagna, his wife Lee and all those touched by this disease.  Nick is a retired Air Force pilot who after retirement in 1996 became an Airline Captain at Air Transat.  In December 2008 he was diagnosed with PD and had to leave his career.  What is often overlooked is how difficult it is for spouses to helplessly watch their once vibrant spouses find it more difficult each day to do the most basic of human functions.

 After observing what PD can do to a wonderful man who has admirably served his country and how difficult it is for loved ones to see how insidious this disease is, I felt that I needed to find some way to help.


Since retiring a number of years ago, I have become an avid cyclist, and I couldn't think of  a better way to help than to get on my bicycle and cycle from sea to sea across the United States with a segment going through southern Ontario in Canada from Sarnia to Niagara Falls. 

The ride begins in Astoria Oregon on June 16th with a ceremonial dip of the rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean and ends 50 days (3700miles/5900km) later on August 5th with a dip of the front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean at Portsmouth New Hampshire. 


Interesting stats....estimated total calorie burn 160,000

                             total feet of climbing 110,000ft  or 21 miles


 The route passes through the northern tier States up and over the Rocky Mountains, across the high plains, past Mount Rushmore, through the lush farmland in Southern Ontario and over the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

 I would like to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause...there is no cure for this terrible disease - we need to find one!!.  To do that, I ask each and every one of you to also pass on the link of this webpage to all of your contacts on your email list and your friends on Facebook and Twitter and ask each of them to pass this information on to their friends, family and work colleagues.  Please pass this information on to your colleagues at work and to members of your church.  Don't forget that many companies will match employee donations dollar for dollar - check this out!!

Nothing would make me happier than to raise more than my goal of $10,000!!!!  Two cents a mile is $75!!


Canadian Residents will be issued a tax receipt with the Foundation's Canadian tax number so donations are also tax deductible in Canada.


US residents will receive a receipt  with the US tax number on it for US tax deductions.