Team Fox Member, J. Basil Dannebohm

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Basil's story in his own words ...

Four years ago I began showing signs of health problems that warranted concern. I underwent test after test and visited a cardiologist, neurologist, rheumatologist and an immunologist searching for answers, only to be told that the only certain thing was that something was clearly wrong.
As the years progressed I started showing more and more symptoms. 
Shortly after I arrived in California, after four years of feeling of constant fatigue, muscle cramping, mental fogginess, weakness and shaking, the symptoms started to get the best of me.
Just after my birthday, through a series of tests, a thorough examination of my medical history, a careful evaluation of my symptoms and a few medication trials, I had a firm diagnosis - I have Young-onset Parkinson's Disease (YOPD).
While finally having a diagnosis means that I can be treated, even the most advanced Parkinson's treatments cannot eliminate all the symptoms.
Five million people worldwide are living with Parkinson's disease, a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder. In the United States, 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. There is no known cure for Parkinson's. Through the support of Team Fox, we can help change this - and that's why I am pleased to join the cause.
Team Fox is The Michael J. Fox Foundation's (MJFF) grassroots community fundraising program. Its members include thousands of people worldwide who generate funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease research. All funds raised through Team Fox go directly to MJFF to advance its mission to accelerate the delivery of life-changing treatments, and ultimately a cure, to people with Parkinson's disease.
Please consider donating to our cause. Any amount you can give to Team Fox, no matter how large or small, will help us advance research and find a cure for this disease.
Be assured of my gratitude for your generosity.


About J. Basil Dannebohm ...

J. Basil Dannebohm is a recognized and recommended writer, speaker, critic, wine enthusiast, cigar snob, patron of the arts and business consultant.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Dannebohm has made it a point to experience sales, public relations and marketing in a variety of mediums in order to be equipped with industry expertise and a competitive advantage. Basil has worked in or served as a consultant for the software industry, real estate, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, religious and non-profit organizations, film festivals and entertainment venues.

In addition to his work as a writer and speaker, Basil accepts a limited number of clients. You can learn more by visiting