Hey Helpers!


My mom was diagnosed at the age of 38 with Parkinsons and it has gotten worse but not to fear she has the strength of a fighter and i have such hope for a cure. Through your help and the help of others we could make this possible. This disease is brutal attacking your nerves and shutting them down little by little to the point where you tremble so much daily tasks become impossible. With the support of Team Fox I hope we can find another alternative to open brain surgery. 

Five million people worldwide are living with Parkinsons disease ? a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder. In the United States, 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. There is no known cure for Parkinsons disease. But through your support of Team Fox, you can help change this.

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Team Fox is The Michael J. Fox Foundations (MJFF) grassroots community fundraising program. Its members include thousands of people worldwide who generate funds and awareness for Parkinsons disease research. All funds raised through Team Fox go directly to MJFF to advance its mission to accelerate the delivery of life-changing treatments, and ultimately a cure, to people with Parkinsons disease.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is honored by your support. Since 2001, the Foundation has maintained an uncompromising pace ? strategically targeting our resources to achieve maximum impact on patients lives, funding work on over 100 therapeutic targets to the tune of more than $304 million to date. MJFF also understands that patients are the key to a cure and is actively engaged with the PD community. To help connect patients and their loved ones with the clinical trials that urgently need their participation, the Foundation created a Web tool, Fox Trial Finder. Whether you have PD or not, you can play a critical role in moving research forward ? create your profile now!

Now through December 31, 2012, all Team Fox members new to the program or those who raised more than last year will have their funds matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to the $50-million Brin Wojcicki Challenge.

Your timing to step up for Team Fox couldnt be better. Be a part of the answer and help us speed a cure for Parkinson?s today!