ING Hartford Marathon

ING Hartford Marathon

Did you know that there are over 1 million Americans who live with Parkinson's disease? I was diagnosed in April of 1999 with Young Onset Parkinson's. In the years that followed I went through some good times and some not so good times. PD is life changing.

Right now there is no cure and no way to stop the progression, only ways to treat the symptoms. But even then, in order to get us closer to the cure and to continue to effectively treat the symptoms in the meantime, we NEED research. And as you know, research costs money. With your help, we can and we will find a cure.

So, join us in our quest to find the cure. You can do this by joining the team and participating in the walk, or you can help by whatever type of donation you can make. The amount is not as important as why you give.

On October 12, The Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson's will be at the 20th ING Hartford Marathon to offer our suport to runner's as well as providing information for any and all who would llike to know more about our Support Groups and PD in general.  We hope to see you there!