2013 Annual Team Fox Fundraising

Name of Event: The Marathon - Mile - Marathon barbell

Dates of Event: April 2013 / September 2013 / November 2013

Over 5 million people worldwide and 1 million people in the US currently suffer the debilitating effects of PD. Although "only" one in every 100 people over the age of 60 are affected by PD (the average age of onset is 60, though people as young as 18 have been diagnosed with it), PD seems like a disease that strikes closer to home. If not directly impacted, all of us probably have a friend, loved one, or colleague whose life has been touched by PD.
The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research has taken a leadership role in providing resources for discovering a cure to the disease. The Foundation is remarkably efficient and almost obsessive in this goal and though a non-profit, operates with a sense of commercial drive that many of us exhibit(ed) in our careers at GS. The only difference is the definition of success; while shareholder returns and customer satisfaction are goals for most corporations, MJFF's goal is singular: put itself out of business by finding a cure and other scientific solutions that produce tangible improvements in patients lives.
As in prior years, I am raising money for this cause through Team Fox. Having had my fill of triathlons (one and done, thank you very much), this year I am running a 26.2 - 1 - 26.2 barbell: the Boston Marathon (April), the 5th Avenue Mile (September), and the NYC Marathon (November). While my racing goals seem to diminish with age, I am hoping to reprise and even beat the generosity all of you displayed in 2011 when we raised over $200,000 (which was matched by the Brin-Wojcicki Foundation through their challenge grant). Your consideration is greatly appreciated.