10th Annual Tom Poehlmann Benefit for Parkinson's

Ten years ago, Tom Poehlmann lost his battle with Parkinson?s.  Since then the Poehlmann family has teamed up with Michael J. Fox and Team Fox to raise money and help find a cure. We want to help others so they can escape this horror.

When Michael J. Fox announced that he had Parkinson's disease, he looked like Tom. The same symptoms were present including the expressionless face, the dyskinesia, and his story of denial. His foundation was exactly what we were praying for - Finding the cure in our lifetime. We trust the Michael J. Fox Foundation because it is a lean organization. Our money goes directly to science. We have raised almost $200,000 to date through event ticket sales, silent auctions, 50/50 ticket sales and chances.

 You have been a player in this fight against this progressive degenerative disease that could effect any one of us and change our lives forever.  Our goal is to be out of business and find a cure in our lifetime.

Lastly we would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the benefit over the years, Family, Friends, Volunteers and businesses. Without your tremendous support of this event it wouldn't be possible.

 Thank You! Josie, Tom, Chris, Brian & Zeffi Poehlmann