Team Fox Swing for the Cure

Name of Event: Team Fox Swing for the Cure

Date of Event:   January 30, 2014

I am one of an estimated one million people across The United States and 5 million worldwide, who suffer from Parkinson's disease.  Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic degenerative neurological disorder whose symptoms progress from a minor tremor to complete  physical incapacitation with no known cure.  I have been afflicted with PD for nine years.  This year I'm proud to play a part in the fight against PD.  As a Team Fox member I have hosted a successful golf tournament on January 17, 2013.  A group of 90 golfers played a part in defeating a disease that has no cure or knows no boundaries.  Our event included the help of local businesses and neighbors in our community...

PD is misrepresented as "the old person's disease", which allows it to be ignored.  PD not only affects people older than 60, it also affects people as young as 13 years old and all ages in-between, my age of onset was 48.  Degenerative neurological disorder means every day is worse than the day before, my health is in total decline.  I am no better today than yesterday; however, I am better today than I will be tomorrow.  There is no remission and absolutely no cure.  We have medication that only masks the problem and I will eventually become immune to it; leaving me to suffer.  One day I will awaken, not as Sleeping Beauty, but I will be totally incapacitated; not able to walk, have a conversation, eat and or able to kiss my own children.

The only hope I have is seeking a cure.  A cure would allow me to rest knowing that neither my daughter or my future grandchildren will suffer from Parkinson's disease.  I am asking for you to join my journey to help us suffering from Parkinson's disease find that cure.  To help, please make a small donation directly to this page or if you wish to make a direct donation, please contact Team Fox or MJFF, listed below.  Please be as generous as you can be, but, choose what you can afford.  January 30, 2014 is the date of our event; register your foursome by calling the golf shop at 239-225-1480 x1.  Your  registration and/or donation will be gladly accepted and appreciated. Thank you for considering Parkinson's research benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Please remember with your help we can find cure.  Contact me at