Young Active Parkinson's Advocates

Name of Event: Connecticut Fitathlon Challenge

Date of Event: Saturday, April, 13, 2013- 10am


Team Fox Benefit

Connecticut Fitathlon Challenge

Support April as Parkinson's Awareness Month


Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Rentschler Field

Silver Lane

East Hartford, CT


Be Strong Mentally & Physically! 

The Fitathlon is donating a percentage of their proceeds to Team Fox.

It is simple:

1.  Go to their web-site

2.  Register and use Promotion Code: TEAMFOX (one word)

3. Done!  Your fee will be donated to my Team  Fox account.


 We are grateful to CT Fitathlon Challenge for their donation.  The organization has been training some members of the Young Young Active Parkinson's Advocates(YYAPA's) for about one year.  These members have enjoyed the work-outs immensely and feel better mentally and physically.  The work-out is tailored to the individual needs of the group.  If any PD member would like to join the work-outs, please contact Accelerated Fitness at

Thank you to all Fitathletes who registered here.  With your help, we are closer to a cure.  Michael J Fox is working hard to put research money in the right places to find the cure.  We Believe in him, We Believe in you. 

Thank you and Best of Luck in the Fitathlon!





Young Active Parkinson's Advocates Raised
Krista Hespeler $75.00
Team Gifts $250.00
Denotes a Team Captain