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This year I decided to run the New York City Marathon 2014 in the memory of my father Allal Mellouk who died six years ago from complications of Parkinson's disease. I never thought I could do this as I was never a runner. However I thought I owed him something and to all the people who are suffering from this incurable disease. 

My journey started when I was in college back home in Morocco. I was a junior studying finance and management. My dad fell sick, was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and the disease progressed very quickly. He could not work anymore as the symptoms became worse on a daily basis. As the eldest son in the family, it was my duty and turn to take care of my family so I dropped out of college and came to the great U.S.A. I never regretted this decision and I would do again if I had to.

I came to this great country and immediately started working 80 to 90 hours a week. I was sending money home because the medications were very expensive and unfortunately were not helpful at all. My wish and goal were to bring my father to the States to try to get better care and I was willing to pay and do anything.

Unfortunately he did not make it and one day I got a phone call from my mother letting me know that he had passed away at the age of 63 years old. I was devastated and at the time was blaming myself for a while for not helping him enough and bringing him quicker to the States. Although many of you know it is an incurable and devastating disease, and could progress very quickly. Only few lucky people, benefiting from the best care, live for a significant period of time with the disease (Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali, Billy Graham, Freddie Roach, Linda Ronstadt, and more ...)

After his death I was contemplating going back home but finally decided to go back to college and choosing Nursing as a major. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2012 with a BSN in Nursing and as a Registered Nurse I have taken care of so many people with Parkinson's which keeps reminding me about this important cause.

I suppose everything happens for a reason, so I decided to run the biggest Marathon in the world for my father and all the people who are struggling or had struggled with this terrible disease.

I would appreciate if people donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is the team that I will be running for. As some of you may already know it is a non-profit organization dedicated to find a cure for the disease as well as funding research and it is obviously tax-deductible.



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