Lauren's fundraising page for Parkinson's Research

Sunday Nov 3rd 2013 : Epic ! Extra strength security with a smile, volonteers going beyond the call of duty, super charged spectators... so many efforts to make this year a safe and memorable race. AND IT WAS !  Started out faster than usual, but just went with the flow... shaved off up to 15 min from my usual pace... and did my best to maintain the pace through 30km... did pretty well and knew I would pay for it sometime, but figured I'd play roulette and give it my all to get under 4h @ 40... I was so relieved to make it to the Team Fox hang out by the park. Seeing them saved me from the wall... seriously... the last 7km were tough. I thought of everyone who had supported me through training, my mom and Cintra only a couple km away and I made a deal with my legs that they could take a LONG rest if they could just get me past the finish line. I made it in 3:57:42 ten minutes under my previous record. I gave everything I had... and cried until a lovely volunteer said "oh honey, congratulations, you did it !" Thanks everyone for such a great ride ! Could not have been done - litterally without your support !

Sunday Oct 27th 2013 : Between raindrops and windstorm. But got 17km in with my new watch and in my marathon garb. This one was for my head. Didn't sleep well, it was pooring rain in the morning, losing an hour of sunlight makes me grumpy... but we got the job done ! THE LAST LONG RUN is now on the books. Now the hard part... total of 50km this week and trying to be good. Looking forward to getting to NJ on Thursday. Holding my breath until we cross the finish line...

Sunday Oct 20th 2013 : In Minneapolis for probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended. Sincere congratulations to Jen and Roshan! Absolutely honored to have been invited to witness such a beautiful union. Great to catch up with some BC friends and meet some of J&R's friends. Had the opportunity to do a long run of 20km in Loanaka during a stop in NJ to see my parents. Lovely combo and beautiful day for a run along Van Beuren Road. Waiting for the first snow of the season here in Minneapolis before taking off for Paris. Travel is definitely slowing my pace, but not my enthusiasm ! Can't wait to be back on Oct 31st.

Sunday Oct 13th 2013 : Had the priviledge of running with the Violet colors of the Laurette Fugain association in the 20km of Paris! Almost didn't get off my couch to go... "still fighting a cold, is this reasonable... it's kind of cold... blah, blah, blah." Of course the train wasn't working to actually get to the race either (part of me said - "Yes!"), which meant taking a replacement bus and then running 2K to get to the start. But the clear blue sky, perfect temperature and a lovely friend Melissa near frozen who joined me at km 14 kept me motivated. We made it through in a record time of 1h49 beating our record from the previous year ! Then continued on home to round it off at 30km for my last long run before tapering. All the way I was thinking of Kyra running the Chicago Marathon, Gracie, Midori, Eddie... lots of folks to think about these days - sending positive chi to all. Now the hard part. Tapering...

Sunday Oct 6th 2013 : 30km. Which one of the following was I not looking forward to this morning 1/ running 30K, 2/ discovering our car had been broken into 3/ cleaning the apartment (which needed it)? Yes 2/ came as the biggest surprise and disappointment. Believe it or not I would rather run than clean. Duh? As some wise person said, the best way to train for a long run is a long run. Seems to make sense in my book. So finished off this week with 2 laps around Versailles and then headed home for a total of 68km this week. Knowing my friend Roshan was out there running his first 16k in the Twin Cities with soon to be wife Jen also put an added skip in my step. Congrats to both for a stupendious finish ! And healing vibes to Kyra for a great Marathon in Chicago next week. Virtual run with you on the plan ! 

Sunday Sept 29th 2013: 31km ! The first of 2 long training runs is in the box. Started with 16km Paris-Versailles in 1:32 min (personal record). I believe my speedy gonzalas friend Melissa was sending me all her energy despite the fact that she could not be there. Then ran home through the forest of Meudon much to the surprise of the Boy and Girl Scouts that were still cleaning up. "Are you back?" one of them said. So that makes 61K for the week. Not a big mileage week, but certainly pretty intense.

The Paris-Versailles race is actually how it all began... when my virtual parents planned a visit to Paris 11 years ago, they said, "hey, why don't we do the Paris-Versailles together"... I was like "what? 16km of running?". But it actually sounded like a pretty cool addition to the "off the beaten path" visit ideas, so as any honorable host would do... I ran... and here we are... yes... I guess that also means we are 11 years older...

Keep on running... 

Special thanks to all of those who have contributed to TeamFox already ! You all keep me motivated ! Special thanks to my Fundraising Guardian Angel, Myriam, who is a relentless fundraiser and an incredible person ! I am honored and humbled by her efforts to mobilize her facebook community on the behalf of TeamFox ! The countdown is on !

Call out to Roshan who will be running his first 10miler with financé and under 4h Marathoner Jen on Oct 6th. To Kyra who will be running her first marathon in Chicago ! Thanks for letting me tag along on your Saturday long runs. Ok yes. Kyra lives in Arkansas and I'm here... but thanks to Facebook we actually did head out almost at the same time despite the time difference. May the wind be at your back Krya. To Diane who walks a marathon nearly as fast as I run one ! And to all of my KPS fellow runners Amy, Liz, Laurie, who keep me motivated to get out and run when I see how dedicated they are. And of course to Tizzy for teaching us that running around the KPS drive way for the Presidential Award could actually be fun ! Or not.

Why I run for TeamFox ?

This will be my 4th marathon running with Team Fox and fundraising for Parkinson's research. Despite the cancellation last year, it was such a priviledge to meet team members and staff in New York including Michael J Fox himself. I promised to be back right then and there to support the efforts of some truly amazing folks. 

My friend and mentor Paula inspired me to reach out to Team Fox when I started running. She continues to be my inspiration for a countless number of kilometers in preparation for each race. Thanks to all of you, what started as a hobby, now has a purpose and I thank you for your continued support to raise funds for research over the years. 

Running for Team Fox has brought me in contact with special people who know the disease first hand. I run to help them benefit from treatments that are ever improving via research and hopefully sometime soon a cure... I run to help others make a difference in their lives.

Thanks so much for your contribution and your support!