Lauren's fundraising page for Parkinson's Research

7 week Countdown

Mon Sept 8th : Finished a big week of training. Got some good fast runs in (10km in 53 min which is my "YIPPEE" pace) and a hard long run (36KM in 2h33 which is my "GOT IT DONE" pace). 75KM for the week which is way up there for me. Going to try to maintain this week. The Team Fox Team is training hard. We all keep track of our training efforts on Facebook. The other team members, their stories and reasons for running are a source of inspiration...


This is what I wrote after the NYC 2013 marathon !!! Sunday Nov 3rd 2013 : Epic ! Extra strength security with a smile, volunteers going beyond the call of duty, super charged spectators... so many efforts to make this year a safe and memorable race. AND IT WAS !  Started out faster than usual, but just went with the flow... shaved off up to 15 min from my usual pace... and did my best to maintain the pace through 30km... did pretty well and knew I would pay for it sometime, but figured I'd play roulette and give it my all to get under 4h @ 40... I was so relieved to make it to the Team Fox hang out by the park. Seeing them saved me from the wall... seriously... the last 7km were tough. I thought of everyone who had supported me through training, my mom and Cintra only a couple km away and I made a deal with my legs that they could take a LONG rest if they could just get me past the finish line. I made it in 3:57:42 ten minutes under my previous record. I gave everything I had... and cried until a lovely volunteer said "oh honey, congratulations, you did it !" Thanks everyone for such a great ride ! Could not have been done - literally without your support !

Why I run for TeamFox ?

This will be my 5th marathon running with Team Fox and fundraising for Parkinson's research and my 10th marathon. It's a special year for a few reasons. My dear friend and mentor Paula came to Paris with her daughter this year. It was a rare pleasure to see her in this neck of the woods and enjoy a glass of wine and something chocolate. As she inspired me to reach out to Team Fox when I started running, I was eager to get her point of view on the association and how she benefits from what they do. There are any number of approachs to tackling reasearch of this nature, but the funding strategy for MJF is to accelerate the best ideas in PD research and refine that research around the therapeutic needs of patients.

Paula continues to be my inspiration for a countless number of kilometers in preparation for each race. Running for Team Fox has brought me in contact with special people who know the disease first hand. I run to help them benefit from treatments that are ever improving via research and hopefully sometime soon a cure... I run to help others make a difference in their lives...

And thanks to all of you, what started as a hobby, now has a purpose and I thank you for your continued support to raise funds for research over the years. 

Thanks so much for your contribution and your support!