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The Mentor Network

The Team Fox Mentor Network was created to strengthen the Team Fox community and to ensure that every member receives the highest level of support in their fundraising efforts.

The 2012 Mentor Program

Introducing a new Mentor Program. All elected mentors have actively fundraised in 2011 and will be available to all new members who opt in during registration. Mentors will:

  • Be accessible by phone/email to welcome new members to the program
  • Offer best practices on how to accomplish fundraising goals
  • Travel to mentee events (when applicable)
  • Provide monthly online/conference call training for all members

Whether you create your own event or participate in an athletic program, we will match you with the appropriate person based on the following questions:

  • What type of event are you planning?
  • Where are you located?
  • What is your biggest obstacle in getting started?

If you are interested in applying for the program, please email

2012 Mentors

Gail Oliver

Gail Oliver has been hosting a golf tournament for the past eight years to honor her beloved mother who had PD. Gail has been a Team Fox member since its inception, and has consistently been a top fundraisers. Her nurturing and supportive nature is a real asset to Team Fox.

Mary Anne Ostrenga

Mary Anne Ostrenga hosted a Garden Walk & Reception in 2007 for Team Fox and has been on a roll ever since. A tireless advocate for PD patients, Mary Anne offers her expertise and support to members across the country. To date, Mary Anne and her family have raised over $250,000.

Susan Bilotta

Susan Bilotta started Tips for Parkinson's seven years ago and has grown the event to one of Team Fox’s largest fundraising events totaling over $430,000. Susan’s dedication is infectious and the results are extraordinary.

Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell has run the NYC Marathon  for Team Fox two years in a row. Matt is also the fearless leader of The Goods, a fundraising team touched by Parkinson’s. Matt has raised over $10,000 for Team Fox.


Mike Dubin has run the NYC Marathon three years in a row. A professional fundraiser, Mike works tirelessly for Team Fox to honor his father. He recently beat his three year goal of raising over $100,000 for Team Fox.


Sharon Greif has been a Team Fox member since the beginning. She hosts a successful golf tournament plus started Dance Party for Parkinson’s. Sharon's fundraising total is over $230,000 and her strength and spirit inspire others to join the cause.


Gene Gurkoff is a founding Team Fox member and one of our most reliable supporters. He attends multiple events throughout the year and provides pro-bono legal advice for The Foundation.

Barry Cohen headshot.jpg

Barry Cohen is a seasoned marathoner having run several races for Team Fox. He and his wife Alyssa, avid dog lovers, create and sell the Wet Dogs Calendar and Playing Cards. Together, they have raised over $120,000 for Team Fox.

James Mangini

James Mangini started Fox Fridays to raise funds in honor of his father. He is currently leading a nationwide fundraiser, the 1000 Mile Marathon, in support of his personal mission to raise awareness.

Karen Janos

Karen Janos joined Team Fox in 2007, hosting a screening of Back to the Future. She credits Team Fox and her daughter for the courage to run the NYC Marathon. Karen has now completed two marathons and raised over $23,000.

Tom Sabourin

Tom Sabourin has been a MJFF supporter since 2004 and Team Fox member since 2006. His fundraising activities have involved movies, marathons, and mountains. Tom has raised over $25,000 for Team Fox.

Beth Hochstein

Beth Hochstein joined Team Fox in 2009, turning her high school reunion into a fundraiser. Beth co-hosts Dance Party for Parkinson’s. The family friendly event raised over $50,000. Beth also hosted her first Team Fox Zumbathon® and continues to work with Zumba Fitness® on future fundraising events.

John Ryan

John Ryan was diagnosed with YOPD in 2010 and joined Team Fox in 2011 because of their optimism and dedication toward research for a cure. John hosts an annual comedy show and will run the 2012 NYC Half Marathon. John provides endless support and encouragement to the online PD community.

Bob Harmon

Bob Harmon lives in Central Florida and hosts Golf for a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Bob was diagnosed with PD in 2006 and is determined to help find the cure. In the first two tournaments, Bob raised over $40,000.

Alison Urkowitz

Alison Urkowitz started Posing for Parkinson’s in 2010, a yoga event with a twist and has raised over $12,000 for Team Fox. Alison is also the Vice President of Research Operations for The Foundation and is well versed in our progress for a cure.

Gwen Schroeder

Gwen Schroeder recently ran her 3rd NYC marathon in a row. As a filmmaker, Gwen ran with a camera to create a first-person, time-lapse of her experience. Her video now has over a million impressions. She hosts an annual Bowlathon and has raised over $10,000 for Team Fox.


Founding Mentor Council

Susan Bilotta Michael Dubin
Gene Gurkoff Barry Cohen
Sharon Greif Gail Oliver
Katie Clark Mary Yonkman
Matt Mitchell Mary Anne Ostrenga